Combined Helsinki – Pirkkala Airport 

Till 5.12.2021

Combin PirkkalaAir

From Helsinki Kamppi long haul routes terminal to Pirkkala Airport via Tampere Bus Station. Underlining means change of bus. Show your purchased Onnibus ticket also to next driver.

Bus tickets

Bus tickets from/to Helsinki – Pirkkala Airport only from webstore.

Check platforms in Helsinki & Tampere from main Departures Display.

Ratina bus stops in Tampere

From bus station it’s only 75 metres walk.
Local bus stop 0120 is to Pirkkala Airport.

Operators, bus lines

C3 = Onnibus.Com, red double decker coaches

103 = Nysse / Tokeen Liikenne, coach or bus

V130 = Valkeakosken Liikenne coaches

Tag Your Luggage

Always tag your luggage and take a picture of them before travelling for identification purposes. Attach no addresses but a phone number or email address. Onnibus.Com has restrictions with luggage policy

Valkeakosken Liikenne